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Simon Schütz, Fabio Wagner und Tim Wohlgemuth.

Tue, 08.01.2019 // Pro, Young-Panthers, Nationalmannschaft

Three Panthers for Top Team Peking

National team ...

Samir Ali Kharboutli, Scorer der Ingolstädter U20, tritt erstmals für das DEL-Team an.

Thu, 16.08.2018 // Pro, Young-Panthers

First pre-season-game ahead

Kharboutli about to give his debut ...

Fabian Dahlem kehrt als Torwarttrainer zum ERC zurück. Foto: City Press

Thu, 11.05.2017 // Pro, Young-Panthers

Dahlem new goalie-coach

He already was with ERC as player and coach ...

Larry Mitchell. Foto: Johannes Traub / st-foto.de

Tue, 28.03.2017 // Pro, Young-Panthers

Larry Mitchell is new sports director

Strong in building a team ...

Diese Spieler verlassen nach der Saison 2016/2017 den ERC Ingolstadt...

Fri, 10.03.2017 // Pro, Young-Panthers

Neun Spieler und weitere Mitarbeiter künftig nicht mehr für das DEL-Team tätig...

Last season's Kids on Ice Day was a huge thing. Come and join us! Foto: Ralf Lüger

Fri, 23.12.2016 // Young-Panthers

Kids on Ice Day on January 8

Children practicing with the Panther stars ...

Two clubs, one goal: Developing young German players.

Tue, 26.07.2016 // Pro, Young-Panthers

Ingolstadt and Kaufbeuren cooperate

Succesful work last season ...

Ein Duell auf Augenhöhe lieferten die Pantherinnen dem Tabellenführer. Foto: Andreas Strobl

Thu, 10.03.2016 // Young-Panthers

Ladies: Cup-final in Ingolstadt

Final Four this weekend ...

Simon Schütz has been nominated to the preparation camp for the U20 World Cup. Foto: st-foto.de / Strisch-Traub

Tue, 01.12.2015 // Pro, Young-Panthers

Schütz nominated for U20

Preparation for the World Cup ...

Simon Schütz has been selected as best defender of the U20-tournament. Foto: st-foto.de / Strisch-Traub

Mo, 09.11.2015 // Pro, Young-Panthers

Schütz best U20-defender

Even more to celebrate ...

Marco Sturm (right) talking to ERC's sportsdirector Jiri Ehrenberger in Saturn Arena. Foto: Stefan Bösl / kbumm.de

Thu, 06.08.2015 // Pro, Young-Panthers

Marco Sturm visits Ingolstadt

The former superstar takes a look at the Panthers' practice ...

To see offensive hockey like last season on the ice, the Young Panthers right now work hard in summer practices. Foto: Jürgen Meyer

Mo, 25.05.2015 // Young-Panthers

Running in the woods of Zuchering

Young Panthers in summer practices ...