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Fanprojekt ERC Ingolstadt e.V

Founded:   2007


On January 17th of 2007, executives of ERC Ingolstadt's fanclubs have founded the Fanprojekt ERC Ingolstadt.

The Fanprojekt ERC Ingolstadt ist the rooftop of all official fanclubs of ERC Ingolstadt and was established to refine the coordination and communication inbetween the fanclubs and to organize common fan-events such as the trips in the special gameday-train to away-games or a soccer-championship in summer.

We get together periodically to plan and organize fan-activities. We keep constant contact to the Panthers' office. The executives of the Fanprojekt are also the speakers of ERC Ingolstadt's fans. In case you would have questions on the Panthers, the schedule, tickets or the Saturn Arena - we are the connection between fans and ERCI. Feel free to send your questions to

You might also contact us at the rink, before and after games and also at our point behind Block F where we also invite you to book seats in our busses to away-games.

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WE are looking forward to meeting you... WE are all Panther fans :-) stand together is our GOAL