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Media contact

Media contact of ERC Ingolstadt Eishockeyclub GmbH
Stefan Ried
Bei der Arena 5
85053 Ingolstadt

Telefon 0841 - 379 26 26


Media policy

ERC Ingolstadt players and staff are looking forward to your request. We are happy to respond to your request and would like to present you our media policy which we have established to establish good interview situations. We would make sure that the player/coach has enough time to service the media. At the same time, our number one preference is it to enable the best preparation for our team.


What you should know

- All media requests enter via the media contact of ERC Ingolstadt.

- Interviews via phone are possible in exceptional cases.

- Please make sure to mention it at your request if you plan an interview longer than 15 minutes or out of the rink.


How our weeks are structured

Days off: Mondays and Saturdays are currently days off. No practice and no interviews on both days possible.

Practice days: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays are practice days. Interviews in the Mixed Zone at Saturn Arena (at about 11.30 am).

Game days: Interviews only after the end of the game in the Mixed Zone. Request via ERC-media contact on the scene. Please understand that neither injured players nor players requested by NADA or the broadcasters can follow your request. The coaches give their statements at the press conference (15 min after the end of the game at the press room below the away section).



We offer a free media-kit at the start of a season (with portrait pictures of our team). You can also send a request to and mention for what you would need the picture for. In case you need action pictures, we are happy to bring you in contact with the photographers.