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FAN speakers/ Contact for handicaped people

Der Fanprojekt Vorstand ab der Saison 2016/17: Petra Vogl, Oliver Höherl und Sabine Schauer

The head of Fanprojekt: Petra Vogl, Oliver Höherl and Sabine Schauer

Petra Vogl, Sabine Schauer and Oliver Höherl are the fan speakers of ERC Ingolstadt Eishockey GmbH. Christian Müller organizes the Xaver Kids-Club and is the contact for kids. Schauer, too, organizes the tasks for handicaped Panther fans.

Any questions or wishes? Contact them.

How you might get in contact with them:
-on this platform
-per e-mail: , and
-per mail to the club's office
-in person (check out Entrance South at homegames)

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