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Young-Panthers // Thursday, 10.03.2016

Ladies: Cup-final in Ingolstadt

The Final Four of ladies' hockey will take place this weekend in Ingolstadt. Cup-holder ESC Planegg, runner-up ERC Ingolstadt, new league-champion ECDC Memmingen and Bergkamener Bären will go for the 10th trophy.

The Who is Who of German hockey will be there: Julia Zorn and Kerstin Spielberger (Planegg), Julia Seitz and Nicola Eisenschmid (Memmingen), Nina Ziegenhals and Alena-Laura Hahn (Bergkamen) plus Andrea Lanzl and Eva Byszio (Ingolstadt). Then, the best import players, such as Danielle Gagné and Tracy McCann (Ingolstadt), Sarah MacDonnell and Kayla Campero (Planegg), Kaitlyn Keon and Sarah Robson (Memmingen), will show their skills.


Saturday - Semi finals:
4 p.m. ERC Ingolstadt - ESC Planegg (Saturn Arena 2)
7.30 p.m. ECDC Memmingen - Bergkamener Bären (Saturn Arena 1)

Sunday - finals:


2007 EC Bergkamen
2008 OSC Berlin
2009 OSC Berlin
2010 ESC Planegg
2011 OSC Berlin
2012 ESC Planegg
2013 ECDC Memmingen
2014 OSC Berlin
2015 ESC Planegg


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