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Pro, Tickets // Monday, 13.02.2017

Panther in first playoff-round

ERC Ingolstadt will play in first playoff-round of Deutsche Eishockey Liga (DEL). Altough the Panthers lost 2:5 versus leader Munich on Sunday, John Laliberte and his team will definitley finish amongst the Top10. Ingolstadt is 16 points ahead of the eleventh spot with five games to go. Now, the Panthers are battling to save the home ice advantage for the first playoff-round.


The teams ranked seven to ten will face each other in the first playoff-round which will be played in "Best of three" (the first to win two games advances to the quarterfinals). #7 crosses sticks with #10, #8 with #9. The better placed team starts with a home game on March 1st, plays away on March 3rd and - if needed - has home ice advantage in a decision game on March 5.


ERC will provide tickets for the first playoff-round as soon as it is certain if the Panthers start with a home or an away game. The prices in the first round are the same as during the main round. The season ticket is valid when combined with the playoff-option.


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