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Pro // Tuesday, 24.01.2017

Coaching legend Öst visits Ingolstadt

Highly regarded visitor for the Panthers: Olle Öst is in Ingolstadt for a couple of days. Taking over the job in 2002/03 from Jim Boni, coach Öst saved ERC Ingolstadt with an extraordinary winning streak from relegation. "That was incredible", says Hans Fischer, a long time chronist of ERC. After eleven loses in a row, Öst came and beat the three best teams in the league. "The fans celebrated Olle and carried him on their shoulders."

Today, the 73-year old Swede is in retirement but has a close look on the European hockey. E.g. on ERC, where his fellow countryman Tommy Samuelsson coaches. It was Öst to call up Samuelsson in the 70s to Färjestad, he fostered the defender's player career.

Öst came to Ingolstadt for two or three times after 2003. "It has changed a lot", says the former coach with a glance on the city, the organisation and the league. Öst will visit tonight's game versus Straubing where he also has gained the status of a legend.


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