Danke für die tolle Saison

Pro // Thursday, 07.09.2017

Our captains

John Laliberte leads the Panthers as captain for another season. Tommy Samuelsson announced his decision today before the final practice for the first DEL-game (Friday, 7.30pm, Saturn Arena). The head coach says: "That was a sure shot. Johnny has impressed me last season."

The 34-year old winger Laliberte has a team of assistent captains. Brandon Buck and Benedikt Kohl support him during home games. Darin Olver and Dustin Friesen take that honorable role in away games. In both teams, there is one forward and one defenceman.

Captain Laliberte explains that his assistents have the natural attitude of leaders (by example, by charisma, etc.). He adds, that they all have already had a letter on their chest.


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In front (from left to right): The captains Patrick Köppchen and John Laliberte. In the back the assistant captains Thomas Oppenheimer, Brandon Buck and Benedikt Kohl.

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