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Pro, Tickets, Fans // Friday, 26.05.2017

Vinschgau Cup with Färjestad BK

One of Europe’s most traditional hockey-organizations has agreed to participate in the Vingschau Cup 2017: Färjestad BK (Sweden). Co-host ERC Ingolstadt (Germany) and Black Wings Linz (Austria) make up the remaining teams competing in the tournament (Latsch, South Tyrol, September 1–3).
“It is a huge honor to welcome Färejstad BK at Vinschgau Cup”, says Claus Gröbner, CEO of ERC Ingolstadt. “All three contenders of the tournament played in Champions Hockey League in the last seasons. We will have quality hockey in Latsch.”

Johan Pennerborn, head coach of Färjestad BK: "We are delighted to have been invited to participate in this mini tournament. It is a great opportunity for us as a group to come together early in the season. Along with the teambuilding process we are also happy to compete with two good teams and that will be at great value for us in our progress towards the regular season. We are looking forward to it."

Färjestad BK – a renowned club from Sweden
Färjestad BK (FBK) has 84 years of tradition and a well filled trophy cabinet. The team from Karlstad has won the SHL title nine times (1981, 1986, 1988, 1997, 1998, 2002, 2006, 2009 und 2011) and twice the Spengler Cup (1993, 1994).
FBK alumni includes hockey greats Håkan Loob and Tommy Samuelsson who is now head coach of ERC Ingolstadt and was a big reason why FBK has entered the tournament. He says: “Färjestad has been a top organization in Europe for years. They have great signings for the new season and will take the chance to build their new team in the weeks right before the season in Sweden starts. It will be a great competition.”
“The fans can really look forward to seeing some big shots at the Vinschgau Cup”, says Patrik Holzknecht, CEO of Viva:Latsch GmbH which is running the sport complexes and co-organizes the tournament.

FR, 01.09.2017 ERC Ingolstadt – Black Wings Linz (IceForum, Latsch)
SA, 02.09.2017 Black Wings Linz – Färjestad BK (IceForum, Latsch)
SO, 03.09.2017 Färjestad BK – ERC Ingolstadt (IceForum, Latsch)

Each team faces the other contenders of Vinschgau Cup. The team with the most points will be the cup winner. In case of a draw result between two or three teams, the score in all games is the first option followed by most goals scored and the result of the game between the equal teams. If still no team is in front, the decision would be taken by drawing lots.
Further rules (e.g. in case of a draw after 60 minutes) will be announced in front of the cup.

Tickets & accommodations
Tickets for Vinschgau Cup will be sold online, starting in the next weeks. Accommodations are available via www.latsch.it


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