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Pro // Thursday, 05.10.2017

DEL: Pilot scheme against manipulation

The German league DEL has started a pilot scheme against manipulations and is cooperating with the Munich based law firm SportsLawyer and the Swiss Sportradar AG.

Gernot Tripcke, CEO of DEL, says: "We hand the processes of supervision and criminal prosecution to the two independent institutions. The cooperation with SportsLawyer and Sportradar is a pilot scheme in German pro-sports."

Sportradar AG will use its Fraud Detection System on all DEL games with regards on bet-wise manipulations. In case of suspicions, SportsLawyer will estimate the case and might start the prosecution.

The goal is to fullfill DEL's Anti-Manipulation-Order and maintain the integrity of the sporty competition. Everybody involved into the league and its course has to follow it. E.g., placing bets or handing over insider informations can be sanctioned.

"As far as today, there haven't been suspicions on German hockey or DEL but we know that the topic is growing more important everyday", says Tripcke. "We therefore have taken preventative measures to protect hockey."